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Must Listen to Podcast for Doing Business in China — 5 stars
If you looking to do business in China or move to China this is the one podcast you need to listen to. Having been there for over 10 years Mike interviews a variety of guests from importing, exporting, hiring Chinese employees, Amazon FBA, cross border payments and setting up Hong Kong companies for tax advantages. This is your go to weekly digest in doing business in asia.
Lawster101 from New Zealand
Hi Michael,

Thanks for connecting. I have been listening to “Global from Asia” from a while now and even though I have been in Asia for several years and in Intl. trade for most of that time, I still quite enjoy it and there’s always find something useful in your content.

Just wanted to give you a heads up for the great Podcast.

The Cross Border Summit 2017 was indeed THE EVENT TO BE. I gained so much better tools regarding digital marketing and promotion. In consequence I feel more confident about the new skills when offering my Marketing & Branding services to current and potential clients. Ultimately I also got a new partnership with whom we are currently building something greater. I couldn’t be more grateful than I am now.Carol Zurita
Awesome: Best Business Podcast for Entrepreneurs in China

I stumbled across the Global from Asia podcast by accident almost a year ago now and I’m very glad I did. I’ve listened to every episode since and have gained a huge amount of knowledge in the process. Michael provides an authentic and insightful view of business in China & Hong Kong, particularly for those within the entrepreneurial space, and his range of guests he interviews are always fascinating, bringing with them a fresh perspective on what can be a very complex region.
Shaun Cunningham

Mike helped introduce me to a great company in Shenzhen that I ended up working for. I appreciate the connection and I recommend checking out his new job board for jobs in Asia.Grace Chen
A knowledgeable, humble host spills the beans on Hong Kong — 5 stars

Michael knows what he’s talking about. His expertise on Hong Kong is only matched by his humbleness about it. What he knows, he shares and what he doesn’t, he’s honest about. It makes his advice and voiced thoughts a lot more dependable than others who’s main objective is to only appear knowledgeable (even at the cost of authenticity or potential misinformation). If you’re thinking of doing business with Hong Kong and other places in the region, his podcast is a great place to get started.Karsten Aichholz from Thailand