GFAVIP Member Series

Eric Yangxiang 

Founder of LightningCat International Shipping

Welcome to the second episode of our Member Series, showcasing Eric Yangxiang, one of our esteemed long-standing members at GFA!

Join us for this episode of our GFAVIP Member Series, where we’ll delve into Eric’s entrepreneurial journey. Discover more about Eric’s expertise in logistics and his role as the founder of Lightning Cat International Shipping.

Let’s delve deeper into Eric’s remarkable story!

Getting to know Eric

Eric hails from the vibrant nation of China, where he presently resides and operates his company’s headquarters. His career began as an IT sales representative, marking the inception of his remarkable journey.

Company specializing in Logistics

Eric is the visionary behind Lightning Cat International Shipping, a logistics company that specializes in offering extensive shipping solutions to clients globally, both within and beyond China. Their array of services encompasses warehousing and international shipment assistance. Primarily serving customers from platforms like Amazon and Shopify, Lightning Cat facilitates smooth international shipping for businesses seeking efficient solutions.

For more details, feel free to visit their website at 

Being a GFA Member 

“Being a member of GFA is a big help for the growth of my company and for me as a business owner.”

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