GFAVIP Member Series

Abdus Samad Shah

Founder of Advertising Spire & Desverto

Introducing our inaugural featured member for the GFAVIP Member Series: Abdus Samad Shah!

Join us on our first episode as we relaunch the GFAVIP Member Series featuring our special guest, Abdus. This series is designed to deepen our understanding of our members. Kicking off the series is Abdus Samad Shah, taking the spotlight in our debut episode.

Abdus specializes in Amazon brand growth and is the founder of Advertising Spire. Now, let’s delve deeper into Abdus and his business.

Getting to know Abdus

Abdus hails from the captivating country of Pakistan, where he currently resides. His entrepreneurial journey began back in 2020 amidst the global pandemic, marking the unexpected beginning of his career.

Company specializing in Amazon advertising and design services

For the past four years, this company has been specializing in Amazon advertising and creative services, collaborating with over 500 companies, regardless of their size. Initially focused on Amazon PPC advertising, they expanded their offerings after recognizing their clients’ need for design assistance, leading to the creation of another agency called Desverto.

They provide integrated solutions, covering advertising and design, while also targeting the Asian market from their base in Pakistan.

Abdus embraces the philosophy: “Business is a competitive game, and the ability to stay calm under pressure is what often separates the winners from the rest.”

Being a GFA Member 

Abdus became an esteemed member of the GFA community in October 2023. He had been searching for an e-commerce community where he could both learn and grow his business. Fortunately, he discovered GFA and had a productive conversation with Mike, which led to his membership.

Feel free to explore his company further by visiting his website at

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